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Enterprise-Grade Data Privacy Compliance Service

Management Summary

Under GDPR the DPO is an advisory role so the concept is that the DPO has a holistic view of what is going on in the enterprise.


GDPR PLUS is our data protection & management software containing our proprietary process for GDPR. The product is offered in the cloud, on premises or can be accessed as part of our managed service solution.

GDPR PLUS is the only compliance tool capable of dealing with inter-country transfers and includes a compliant data sharing tool within the platform.

GDPR PLUS - Compliance Made Easy

Mighty Trust’s GDPR PLUS is an enterprise-class GDPR compliance tool designed to be easy and more intuitive to use, scalable and customisable to different privacy regimes. It was built to deal with the problems faced by employers as well as data owners, including biometrics and video surveillance. GDPR PLUS helps you to exercise complete control over the collection, flow, and secure storage of your stakeholders personal and sensitive data with its managed services. It helps you identify and measure your data risks before devising a comprehensive strategy to mitigate your risks without impeding your business productivity.

  • Data Protection, Privacy, and Compliance Assessment

  • Strategy and Policy Development to Defuse Data Risks

  • Policy Implementation, Regular Audits, and Impact Assessments

Our Activity monitoring functionality helps organisations determine who has access to personal data and when it is being accessed or processed. These solutions come with the following features to help manage activity:

  • Organisational hierarchies with access views including for subsidiaries, departments, teams, and individual users

  • Access controls, role, and department based access controls, user rights management, access rights expiry

  • Central data management and lifecycle management of data

  • Controlled data sharing function Modular Data Sharing with internal and external stakeholders

  • Executive dashboards providing a full picture of enterprise, department, team by total numbers and monthly events for changes to inventory, projects, DPIAs, Incidents, and data subject rights.

  • Automated fully encrypted reporting

  • Data Flow Visualization, Activity Logs, Data Flow Logs recording changes in the application including modules, full view of when and what was changed

  • Document Management, uploading useful documents as evidence to prove your compliance


Assessment managers allows the automation of different functions of Data Protection and privacy programs, including operationalising Data Protection impact assessments, locating risk gaps, helping you demonstrate compliance  thus helping Data Protection and privacy officers scale complex tasks, through modules:

  • Contract

  • Third Country Transfers

  • CCTV

  • Gap Analysis

  • DPIA

  • Data protection by Design & Default

  • Controller reports

  • Processor reports

  • Employee training


Our Data mapping solutions help organisations determine data flows throughout the enterprise with modules:

  • a flexible inventory,

  • consent, and

  • legitimate interest


Our Data subject request solutions help organisations facilitate inquires made by individuals who wish to exercise their data rights with processes. These can include requests involving the right to access, rectification, portability, and erasure:

  • Data subject requests


Our Incident response and Breach Reporting solutions help companies respond to a data breach incident by providing information to relevant stakeholders of what was compromised and what notification obligations must be met. Modules:

  • Incident response and

  • Breach Reporting

Data Protection and Privacy Training

Raise the awareness of GDPR, CCPA and other privacy/data protection regulations within your organisation. Empower your staff with the knowledge, expertise, and skills they need to operate in compliance with CCPA, GDPR and international data protection laws. GDPR PLUS offers everything from 1-on-1 training to group sessions that are tailored to your business, industry, and staff.

•              Data Protection Training Programs

•              1-on-1 Expert Coaching

•              Team Sessions

•              Department-wise Training Programs

Unlike other compliance tools, GDPR PLUS complies with data protection by design and default. US-based providers of compliance platforms have a compliance problem due to the loss of Safe Harbor.

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