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Management Summary

Phishing and its more targeted relation, spear phishing, is the highest priority threat for most businesses.  It only takes one employee to click on a link or open an attachment to give attackers access to your network and, eventually, your assets. Either employee-facing phishing planned to gather information and entry points to your internal networks, or customer-facing phishing leading to revenue loss and public image decrease, the damages can be enormous.

  • 93% of data breaches start with a phishing campaign. 30% of staff open phishing emails.

  • The average time from receiving the email to becoming a victim is 82 seconds.

How We Can Help

We work with a number of award-winning anti-phishing vendors including Egress, Inky and Agari (now part of HelpSystems).

Egress has three key email products:

  • Defend’s AI-based approach alerts your users to any suspicious email or attachment, even if never previously seen.

  • Prevent is a machine learning-based service that detects potential breaches in email security including sending personally-identifiable data in unencrypted emails in breach of GDPR, emails going to the wrong recipients, weak security certificates and more

  • Protect makes it easy for users to send encrypted emails where necessary from whichever platform they are using. Email receivers can easily access the emails without having to log into a secure portal, enhancing their experience. Sent emails can also be managed to ensure that only authorised recipients can open them.

Inky's AI-based Phish Fence technology INKY is a cloud-based email security platform that proactively and instantly scans inbound, internal, and outbound emails while eliminating phishing and malware threats to organizations and also training your users to detect and avoid spearphishing attacks. Simple to set up and use, it complements Office365 and GoogleMail's own anti-phishing capabilities.

Agari uses the DNS-based SPF, DKIM and DMARC standards to detect emails sent from suspicious domains and senders while protecting your brand from Business Email Compromise - being hijacked to attack customers with deceptive emails designed to steal account passwords, commit credit card fraud and identity theft. This prevents your domain being blacklisted while improving delivery of genuine marketing emails. Agari also has the world's only counter-intelligence research group dedicated to Business Email Compromise investigation and cybercrime reduction.

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