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Management Summary

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Management Summary

Agari from Fortra protects your reputation, your customers and your suppliers by preventing your brand from being abused in phishing attacks. 91% of all cyber attacks begin with a phishing email to an unexpected victim (Deloitte).

Agari automates email authentication and enforcement using the DMARC standard to prevent your domains and brand name being impersonated.

Used by organisations including Apple, Microsoft, the US Postal Service and Chase Manhattan Bank, Agari protects your brand while improving the delivery of outbound email campaigns.

Business Email Compromise

 80% of Fortune 500 firms invite email scams by spurning DMARC

 Phishing & BEC Scams Soar 3000%: Agari H2 2020 Email Fraud and Identity Deception Trends Report

This video exposes the scale and increasing costs of Business Email Compromise attacks on businesses.


Brand Protection

After extensive vendor research Klaatu adopted and now  recommends Agari from Fortra. Agari is the only cloud-native solution that uses predictive AI to stop brand impersonation and advanced email attacks. Winner of Best Email Security Solution by SC Magazine in 2018, the Agari Email Trust Platform™ prevents ransomware, ATO, phishing, BEC and other identity deception attacks, restoring trust to digital channels for businesses, governments, and consumers worldwide.


Agari Brand Protection stops phishing by automating the process of DMARC email authentication and enforcement to protect customers from cyberattacks, preserve brand identity, and improve digital engagement.


Agari analyzes two trillion emails per year claiming to be from domains across the world’s largest cloud email providers. Combining Agari Brand Protection tools with 3rd party sender knowledge, Agari lets you authenticate your organization’s legitimate email, thereby blocking unauthorized email from reaching your customers. And when criminals switch tactics to employ look-alike domains, Agari Brand Protection alerts you to these messages and allows you to detect the malicious URLs you can take down the website.

Some of Agari's Clients

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