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Application security is important because today's applications are often available over various networks and connected to the cloud, increasing vulnerabilities.  Without the right toolkit in place organisations are highly exposed to attacks.

Protecting your cloud applications, websites and applications, files, SharePoint systems, databases and big data repositories from both theft and ever-evolving extortion attacks like DDoS and ransomware is essential to protect your critical assets.


How We Can Help

KITS recommends Imperva, which secures all layers from the edge of your network through your private and cloud-based applications through to your data stores with a unified security platform, using a comprehensive suite of cloud and private network tools. Imperva’s integrated solutions include RASP, a run-time protection service that disrupts supply chain attacks, web application and cloud service firewalls that protect your applications and the cloud-based services your organisation uses, wherever they are, and comprehensive data protection all from within a single portal for easy management.

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