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LockBit 2.0 Becomes LockFile Ransomware

A novel encryption technique is being used in the novel Lockfile ransomware which is derived from the Lockbit 2.0 ransomware.  It partially encrypts files to escape detection. 

Deep Instinct Threat Intelligence Researcher Moshe Hayun covers the following:

  • Changes cybercriminals are making to previously-used malware and how these changes are helping breach protected environments

  • The key differences between LockBit 2.0 and LockFile ransomware

  • How Deep Instinct detected this new threat and stopped it in its tracks

Read the blog post here.

We are delighted to announce that Klaatu IT Security has been selected by Fortrus as a supplier of IT Security services for Fortrus's Digital Transformation Framework

Fortrus is a UK based company delivering Digital Transformation projects to the UK Public and Private Sector for over 15 years, ranging from bespoke software development solutions through to multi-million GBP outsource programmes.

The Fortrus Digital Transformation Framework is a groundbreaking £10bn capacity framework available to the public sector. The Framework enables the NHS and all Public Sector bodies to procure their IT solutions from commodity purchases through to Digital Transformation and Managed Services without the need for extended and costly procurement exercises. Through a robust due diligence process, the Framework secures ‘best of breed’, ethical suppliers to assist the NHS in their digital transformation.

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