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In today’s threat landscape and with the acceleration of BYOD and working from home, endpoint protection is without question more important than ever before.   Most attacks, from ransomware to targeted espionage, start with the endpoint.

Securing endpoints has become ever more complex with the types of devices used more diverse and an increased sharing of these being non-managed devices. However, anti-virus technology has not kept up with modern threats. It is only capable of detecting known threats and vulnerabilities and is blind to modern malware obfuscation techniques, leaving organisations highly vulnerable to the increasing threat of ransomware. Worldwide, on average an organisation suffers from a successful ransomware attack every 11 seconds.

How We Can Help


KITS helps organisations to free up their scarce resources by using the latest and best of breed endpoint technology as opposed to managing and continuously optimizing the endpoint security technology. KITS deploys our EPP solution as a managed service as well as a customer-managed solution.

Our chosen endpoint partner is Deep Instinct. Deep Instinct’s technology is unique, using a deep learning AI trained on billions of documents and malware samples to detect attacks and prevent them happening. Deep Instinct’s end-point solution is a ’D-brain’ derived from the trained AI, backed up by a cloud-based service for new malware threats and deployed on any type of end-point including mobile phones. This D-brain has a >99% unknown threat accuracy while generating <0.1% false positives. Every file, script, and macro is checked pre-execution in <20 milliseconds and stopped from executing if malicious. Deep Instinct’s partner Munich Re insurance are so confident in this technology that they offer a guarantee of up to £2M for any single breach for organisations of 10,000 seats and above, the cybersecurity industry’s most comprehensive guarantee and warranty. 

Tests proved that deploying Deep Instinct would have prevented the recent Kaseya ransomware attack that infected over 200 US firms. 

Deep Instinct reduces the load on your security teams and gives them the valuable time back to investigate real threats to the business rather than eliminating huge numbers of false positives and dealing with attacks that get past standard EPP protections.




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