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Threat actors have been very active in 2021, particularly with ransomware and supply chain attacks. In its Mid-Year Cyber Threat Landscape Report, Deep Instinct reviews three significant trends and takeaways from the first quarter of 2021 and announce predictions for the likely threat scenarios that will impact organisations the most in the coming months.

Report highlights:

  • Details on the top 5 global ransomware and banking trojan campaigns

  • What to look for in evolving threats emanating from Emotet

  • How ransomware is being used to steal larger sums from target organizations

Deep Instinct End-Point Protection is the ONLY end-point protection solution (anti-virus) that stops >99% of all malware including detection of previously unseen malware with less than a 0.1% false positive rate. Based on an advanced neural network trained on billions of documents, Deep Instinct detects ransomware, malicious scripts, weaponised documents and stops memory-resident malware too. 

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