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At heart, RAPTOR is a rapid response service that provides the expertise needed to resolve any critical IT issue as quickly as possible. The service combines the services of three specialists in their field to offer a complete package of  IT rapid response, specialist legal expertise, cyber reputation management and social response.  

In the event of an emergency, call 0800 048 7540 or



We don’t replace your existing in-house or retained expertise. Instead we provide the highly specialised expertise in IT crisis management needed to help your own teams quickly deal with the problem as quickly as possible, minimising cost, downtime and business impact. 

However, it is possible to:

Anticipate data breaches and prepare for them – systems reviews, and training in defence and readiness

Manage the response to data breaches with rapid-response from experts, and implementation of pre-planned, protective processes

Control the adverse effects that flow from data breaches – communications, PR and legal support.

For members, RAPTOR offers much more....


0800 048 7540

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